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Read our Story

Have you ever dreamed of traveling across the country with a group friends? Do you feel like you possess the power to heal the planet but are not quite sure how to apply it? Start your own Roadshow! We did it! Read about how Sustainable Living Roadshow came about, what we accomplished and whats next!

Photos, Videos and More!

Photos, Videos and More!

In 2004, when Sustainable Living Roadshow was conceived, we had no idea where it would take us. A decade later, after producing seven regional and national tours and participating in over 200 events around the world, we look back at the emergence of a grassroots sustainability movement in the US. We attempt here to showcase some of the adventures we had along the way.



SLR has worked for over a decade with communities, festivals, volunteers, businesses, musicians, schools and non-profits to create a more sustainable planet. Our experiences on the road, meeting the most generous, inspirational and innovative people, is what made this adventure truly magical. In an effort to understand our impact, as well as to centralize our communities reflection of Sustainable Living Roadshow, we ask that you please take a moment to briefly describe how you encountered the project and reflect on how it has influenced your life. We have set up a forum for your reflections. Thank you for sharing.

Latest News and Posts

Check out some of the latest post from the SLR crew.

  • Fishy Corn Car Tour Press Release!

    2012/12/05 00:15:54

    For Immediate Release: Dec 4th 2012 Contact: Thomas Llewellyn: 925-876-2942: tom@realcooperative.org                  Emma Hutchens: 336-244-8732: emma@realcooperative.org “Fishycorn Car” to do National GMO Education Tour this December Environmental, education and advocacy organizations partner with Organic Food and Natural Products Companies to educate US citizens about GMOs from California to Washington DC. This […]

  • Some November Introspection -

    2011/11/07 03:22:49

    Is it almost the end of tour?! Holy moly … it is. Suddenly, it’s November, and the trees in the mountains of North Carolina are ablaze with fiery hues.  We’ve got 15 of our 17 events under our belts, and the buses are barreling down the highway towards Austin, Texas.  Paul Simon is playing softly […]

  • Nothing is as Powerful

    2011/10/29 02:34:27

    A great post from our tour chef, Michael Elinson, who has a wonderful blog about his journey with the Roadshow. (After the jump) Nothing is as Powerful Only those who risk going too far truly find how far they can go – T.S. Eliot We must be doing something right – earlier this week nature […]

  • Localizing a global culture

    2011/10/10 20:32:35

    I had an interesting talk with a fellow marcher the other night. (Hello!  From Delaware, the first of the original 13 colonies.  We’re marching through Newark, then down to Darlington, Maryland, and onwards towards Baltimore.  Our feet are tired and our muscles are sore, but we carry on, carry on, carry on.) During our skillshare […]

  • Dispatches from the March

    2011/10/05 19:26:37

    In the Northeast regions of North America, fall is beginning its yearly cascade of colors.  Trees are slowly segueing from verdant opulence to their more bright and bold outfits, their outstretched limbs gaining hues of yellow, orange, ochre, sienna.  Towns are beginning harvest time as they watch the days wane and the air turns crisper […]

  • Marching towards an organic future

    2011/09/30 16:48:01

    Greetings from sunny Brooklyn!   It’s just like I sent you a postcard, isn’t it? Only without the cheesy scrawl on the back. I’m here in a quirky cafe near Park Slope, where we’re gearing up to begin a major leg of our journey: the Right2Know March. This 313 mile, two-week promenade is modeled after […]

  • The TRUE Change-Makers

    2011/09/29 18:22:08

    For 350.org’s “Moving Planet” Day, we decided to let the TRUE change-makers lead us on a parade through the 2011 Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs Mountain Ski Resort in Pennsylvania!

  • For the Change-Makers –

    2011/09/28 20:25:10

    Here’s a blog I wrote for our friends over at 350.org’s Moving Planet. In case you don’t know, Moving Planet day was a global action that occurred this past Saturday. I had some reflections on how we took part – for more inspiring photos and stories, check out the Moving Planet website or their Facebook. […]

  • How Low Can You Go? Part 1: On Letting Go

    2011/09/28 02:22:17

    How Low CanYou Go? Part 1: On Letting Go “The courtyard is well kept but the fields are full of weeds, and the granaries stand empty. Still, there are those of us who wear elegant clothes, carry sharp swords, pamper ourselves with food and drink and have more possessions than we can use. These are […]

  • Sustainability in Action: Reducing Packaging

    2011/09/23 21:01:31

    Howdy, friends.  How do you do today? We’re parked up here at Seven Springs Resort in Western Pennsylvania for the Mother Earth News Fair.  It’s a lovely spot – if not a bit rainy.  We can’t seem to escape the rain, no matter where we go … Tom, a crewmember, half-jokingly called this the “bring […]