Rejuvenating ourselves in Santa Cruz!

18 05.11

Hullo, friends and (all sorts of) family!

This past weekend was a fun one for the roadshow.  We were lucky enough to be a part of the first annual Rejuvenation Festival in Santa Cruz.  As always, the day before we drove down was a hectic one – getting last minute things in order, packing all we needed, and this time there was an added bit we’d never done before – getting drinks and ice cream ready for a food tent.  Yum!

Oh, there was one more thing we needed to do before we headed out, too – fuel up.  For us, this doesn’t mean stopping at Chevron or another gas station – it means stopping at this local joint. Veggie oil for fuel?  SURELY YOU JEST

Biofuel Oasis is a business we love to support.  Not only do they offer an alternative fuel, but their biodiesel is all local (that is, made from oil recycled locally), and they’re actually a worker-owned co-op.  They offer classes and information and, best of all, they’re awesome folk.  So thanks for being there, Biofuel Oasis!  (B.O.?  Heh, heh)

Once fueled, we made our way down, stopped briefly at the beach and boardwalk to take in the sun, and began setup.

Our setups are significantly smoother now than they were at the beginning of spring tour.  We’ve sort of gotten into the swing of things, and the crew is a lot more familiarized with the process than we were at our first big event.  Let us all breathe a sigh of relief together at reading that, ready?  “AAaaaaaah.”  Whew.  It feels good.

After an evening of some musical jams with a friend, we were ready for the big day – and hey, it was fun!  Lookit all them human beans

Despite being its first year, the festival had a great turn out.  Our carnival games enjoyed steady crowds throughout the day (and our carnies did too), and our first ever food tent went really well.  We were happy to see the sun come out – not just for the festival’s sake, but for our ice cream’s sake!

As a side note, that ice cream was DELICIOUS.  I’d never had it before – Double Rainbow was kind enough to donate a whole slew of delectable flavors for festival patrons to choose from.  My favorite was the Heath Bar Crunch …. though admittedly, that’s a difficult decision to make.  Yaum.

The music was also great.  I’d never heard Youssoupha Sidibe before this weekend, and I was thoroughly impressed.  Not that I didn’t think I would be – but still.  And the dancing!  Oh, the dancing.  It was super, I tell you.

Ah, but all good things must come to an end, and the festival, like all festivals, did.  We were sad to see it go, but also somewhat at peace with it because it meant we got to go to the — drumroll please — BEACH!



The pacific ocean is so beautiful … and so chilly.  Being from the gulf myself, I like my ocean water like I like my baths: insanely warm.  Still, there’s nothing quite like lying on the sand and listening to the waves roll in … even if you’re not planning on getting in them.

Therein lies our weekend wrapup, friends.  It’s already mid-week, we’re back in gear in Oakland, and we’re getting things rolling for our next big event: Harmony Festival.  (Ooooh, Aaaah)  We tell you all this because you have a Right2Know, of course — Right2Know what the Roadshow is up to. : )

Have a beautiful rest of your week!

- Nasi

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