A Greener Father’s Day

Fathers day is a great day to show your appreciation for the men in our lives; whom care for us and mentor us in the best way they can. Although, I feel everyday is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude in simple, but subtle ways. I’d like to know what creative ways, or cool gift ideas have you bought or made?

…I’d like to share a compiled list of great GREEN ideas that are tried and true for Father’s Day!

First on the list – toss out them disposable razors and opt-in for an electric shaver. Why? Silly question, huh… Now hear me out. Think about all of the razors you burn through each and every month. Did you do the math, yet? It’s quite a bit, I bet. So what’s the point that I’m trying to make. My point is, even with using an electric shaver, the energy use will be a lot less of an impact on the environment, than the amount of energy required to produce all of them razor’s and packaging — not to mention, the shipping.

1. So while I have your attention on electric shavers, have a look at this website I found to be very helpful when choosing the best electric shaver reviews on the market. This website is founded by a hobby enthusiast and has gone out and purchased, researched and demonstrated what type of electric shaver is suitable for all types of skin sensitivity. Everything from Braun, Remington, Philips, and Panasonic where tested — an all around great website.

2. Tools – you can never go wrong with purchasing a new shinny tool for your dad, or grandpa. I know mine is always delighted when I buy power-tools. I bought my dad a shinny new Makita combo drill set last year and I’m always getting praises for it. Here’s a great site that has the best cordless drill reviews around. If your ole’ man has a decorative side for woodwork, have a look at some scroll saw reviews.

3. Home Brew : ) Does your ole’ man like to sip on the special sauce at night? I know mine does, grab him cool make your-own-brew kit for Father’s Day. Yeah, making your own beer might end up a 50/50 split to whether or not it tastes good, but it can make a fun day to bond. Or, you can always find some micro-breweries in your area and buy him 6-pack. Either way, you can’t go wrong here.

4. Quality time spent — Take the ole’ man out fishing. Who doesn’t like to fish? Well, in case your dad doesn’t like to fish in which I think is crazy, you can always go for a hike, go out on a hike, or bowling…

5. BBQ – there’s really nothing to explain here. Having a fun BBQ day always ends up a whole lot of fun. You can even shop your local farmer’s market and take him with you to find some good food.

Whatever you have on your list, always remember the men who played a big role in your life and honor that day by doing something special. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there and even the moms too!