Green Remodeling


A Happy Home is an Eco Friendly Home
Do you want to learn how to make your home eco-friendly? No, it doesn’t have to resemble the picture above, unless you want it like that, but there are ways to eco up your way of living.

All across the globe the term “green building” is now increasingly popular. Material that can maintain ecological balance is being used more during construction of newer or remodeled homes. We humans are going back to our roots and exploiting natural resources without destroying nature’s balance–I think the light bulb finally went off!
You don’t need to have a home constructed solely from wood to have it considered “eco-friendly,” but using recyclable materials will give your home the green light.

For starters, using aluminum for your windows is great because it’s made up of 50 percent recyclable resources. Also, using double glazed windows keep your warming and cooling cost down.

So what can we do? Use sustainable building materials when remodeling or building your home. Try using recycled content, renewable or natural sources. Re-furbished or re-manufactured product is a good start.

In Addition, developing strategies that provide natural lighting by installing high-efficiency lighting systems, which have advanced lighting controls, such as, remote dimming controls and motion sensors.

Furthermore, using dual plumbing systems designed to use recycled water for toilet flushing or gray water system that retrieves rainwater, or other forms of non potable water for site irrigation.

Finally, having efficient home insulation is another way to keep home eco. Using solar panels on your roof will help use the natural rays from the sun to give energy to the home without solely relying on electricity. Great when you have a rainstorm that knocks the electricity out. The power from the solar is still being emitted to appliances that are set up with the solar panels power channels. Another advantage to this is it lower’s family’s risks for electrocution if your using solar panels versus everything being plugged in. That’s a comforting advantage, don’t you think?