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25 05.11

We’ve been thinking a bit about carbon footprints in the past week, as we’ve been discussing a new booth we’re going to add to our lineup this fall: a footprint calculator, sponsored by none other than the lovely Cool California.  I’m really excited to add a new element to our ever-evolving carnival!

– But booths aside, let’s talk footprints.  Specifically, carbon ones.  More specifically, what can be done to reduce ours.

It can seem a bit daunting to discuss how to “green” your lifestyle.  After all, if we were going to be totally earth-friendly, we’d all be living together in unheated yurts and traveling around on bicycles made of re-purposed parts.  As exciting as that sounds (don’t it, though?), it’s not something that most people are into.  And it’s also not something that our wider culture, short of necessity due to environmental apocalypse, would partake in.

So let’s talk simple steps.  Everyday, anyone-can-do-it, no-seriously-why-wouldn’t-you-do-these-things, easy-peasy steps.  Thanks to the glory of the internet, I found a list that already exists!  Here, within this blogpost, I pass it on to you:

Because we're all more than a little sick of this

15 (easy!) Ways to Reduce your Footprint

It’s a solid list.  But I feel the need to add three more.  More easy things, such as :

16. Ride your bike more

It’s pretty self-explanatory, I’d say.  If you’re not going far (or even if you are!), ditch your four-wheeled buddy in favor of your lighter, more environmentally friendly two-wheeled companion.  Is it cold?  Bundle up -you’ll warm up.  Is it late?  Use lights and wear bright colored clothing.  Your body and the earth will thank you!

17. Buy secondhand!

Again, fairly self-explanatory.  But I felt the need to add this, as the article mentioned “window shopping” – well, before you buy something new that took resources to produce, why not reuse what already exists?  The added bonus is the weight taken off your pocket, of course, as thrift stores are notoriously cheap – and often harbor hidden treasures!  Yard sales, Craigslist, flea markets – these are all great alternatives to bouncing over to the nearest shopping mall.  It keeps the money within your local economy, and it also reduces your impact on our precious planet.  In our overwhelmingly wasteful culture, every little bit helps.

18. Enjoy the outdoors

How easy is it to forget the wonder of what exists around us?  I know I often lose sight of just how incredible the outdoors are – this is especially easy to fall into when we spend much of our time clicking away on computers.  Take a deep breath and take a walk outside.  It doesn’t have to be far – if you go out with the intention of really taking in everything around you, you’ll be amazed at just how beautiful the simplest things can be.  What simpler way is there to reduce your footprint than to take advantage of the world we were born into?
And that being said… I think it’s time for a bike ride.  Who wants to join me?

- Nasi

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