Sustainability in Action: Bottle Brick Buildings

21 09.11

Okay, so this is just awesome.

The lovely folks over at Good have an article about something that we (in our love and use of bottle bricks) can fully appreciate: a school made of the stuff.


Lookit all dem kiddies, just lookit 'em!

Guatemalan Schools Built from Bottles, Not Bricks

(Or Bottle Bricks, if you will)

Can we just get a quick hip-hip-hooray for how beautiful this is?  As it says in the article, the benefits of this are twofold – not only does it mean schools being built for way less than they would cost otherwise, but it also teaches the children (who help build it) about the environment.  As a lovely bonus, this “building material” rids the countryside of some of its less-than-attractive plastic litter.

Yeesh.  Mega cool.

Yeah, yeah.  We know.  We hope – and aim! – to get to a place in our society where we don’t even have plastic bottles … but until then, this is pretty nifty, no?

Oh, totally.  So – what are you going to build out of bottles in YOUR community?


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