2008 Be the Change Photo Slideshow

A photo slide-show collection of the 2008 Be the Change Tour opening two weeks by Darrin Miller. Pictures showcase the SLR launch party, SF Victory Garden event, Democratic National Convention Street Fair, views from the DNC protests, Republican National Convention Ripple Effect and Parade and views from the RNC protests.

SLR Be the Change 2008 Tour Promo

Check out the promo video from SLR 2008 Be the Change Tour. SLR completed 21 days of events in 8 states in 2.5 months during this tour.

SLR Interview @ Coachella VIP Party

SLR participated in one of the amazing side VIP parties during Coachella 2009. Check out the interview with director, Zachary Carson.

SLR Conscious Carnival Promo

Conscious Carnival midway engages participants through games of chance and interactive, fun experiences. Participants enjoy themselves while discovering solutions to some of today’s most pressing environmental and social concerns.

SLR set-up @ Forecastle Festival 2009

SLR recruits 16 volunteers to help set up at Forecastle Festival 2009 in Louisville, KY.

Doug teaches kids about making musical instruments out of trash

Doug works with 5th grade students to introduce creative ideas of recycling through musical instrument design and creation.

Horse vs Polar Bear - Race for Survival

Tune in as Horse and Polar Bear compete across the country!

Tom wakes the crew - Its 8am and the sun is shining

After 4 days of straight ran in Chicago, Tom tries to wake a tired SLR crew.

The Juice Peddler

Learn how pedal power feels good and taste great too!

Pedal Power @ SLR events

Pedal power demonstrates how to power a computer printer generating your own electricity.

Biofuel Cooking Show Workshop

SLR workshops teach about the process of making sustainable biodiesel

Dr. Feel Fine talks about SLR's conscious carnival

Dr. Feel Fine introduces the Sustainable Living Roadshow's Conscious Carnival - Environmentally-themed midway games

Harmony Festival 2011

Recap of SLR's presence at Harmony Festival 2011 in Santa Rose CA.

Sustainable Organic Farming

Take a walk through our garden as well as Urban Adamah and you'll gain so much knowledge on how to create your own garden you'll get out from behind your computer screen and go straight to your backyard to start your own backyard masterpiece.