Additional Attractions


• Hemp Hut: This attraction educates the public on the history of hemp and it’s extraordinary uses including foods, building materials, textiles and much more.


• Creation Station: Our DIY (Do It Yourself) Attraction brings creativity and resourcefulness to the public. Materials are provided for making such projects as: hemp bracelets, peace flags, postcards, face-painting and creative writing projects. Many more projects get integrated as material become available. This is a truly family friendly and hands-on attraction.















SLR Green Fleet – SLR organizers have been retrofitting coach buses into eco-touring showcases for many years. Our buses run on sustainable biofuels and solar energy, and the interiors are rebuilt with the highest in eco-intention. SLR’s Green Fleet is the largest biofuel caravan on the road today and all vehicles are available for rental in the off-season.

Rock the Bike Generator – Like the idea of a portable party? Our bike generator powers an amazing sound system capable of cruising the event grounds and local communities and starting mobile parties. Additionally, these bike generators help back-up solar attractions at night..