Attractions Overview


SLR provides events and producers a turn-key solution to “go green”. Our events focus on setting up platforms for local communities and national partners concerned with environmental and social sustainability. SLR works with producers to fully integrate our eco-village into the overall theme of events. Shout-outs on the main stage, eco-village schedules published within event program guides, links, and information on official event websites, attendee contests, and incentive programs; these are all strategies that ensure the audience understands the importance of the SLR opportunity featured at the event.

SLR’s full eco-village or Attractions can be booked to fit specific needs of any event. In addition, each of the following Attractions is available for local and national sponsorship, providing an incredible platform to connect consumers to a positive and authentic eco-message.

SLR Solar Stage
A series of experiential educational workshops, speakers, and panels are programmed on the solar stage and within side-tents. Topics are tailored to the specific needs and interests of the host city. This sponsorship opportunity is ideal for a national company looking to have more exposure on a local level.

Julia Bus Stage
Julia Bus Stage features live music from local and national touring bands, puppetry-theater, hip-hop and poetry slams, youth spoken word and performance, eco-fashion shows and much more. Additionally, this area is powered by the sun, and creates a lasting impression of the feasibility of renewable energy. This popular attraction is perfect for any company desiring maximum exposure on any number of sustainability issues through a live “conscious-entertainment” platform.

Conscious Carnival
Conscious Carnival engages participants through games of chance and interactive, fun experiences. Participants enjoy themselves while discovering solutions to some of today’s most pressing environmental and social concerns.

Natural Health & Healing
The Natural Health & Healing, one of SLR’s Conscious Markets, is designed to introduce different perspectives on natural medicine, health-care, and healing products as well as to highlight local resources to utilize these practices.

Solutionary Showcase
As one of our Conscious Markets, this area is a hands-on exhibition of local and nationally produced products, technologies, building materials and demonstration stations to empower people with creative tools and products to integrate sustainability into their lives. This area also includes a variety of alternative fuel vehicles and interactive displays demonstrate different types of non-petroleum based fuel vehicles and renewable energy technologies currently available.

Eco-Info Zone
The Eco-info Zone, the last addition to SLR’s Conscious Markets, showcases a library of books, films, magazines, environmental education curricula, grassroots informational, how-to ‘zines’, brochures and pamphlets that outline best practices and broaden exposure to a variety of progressive ideas and information.

Green Marketplace
Another addition to the SLR Conscious Markets, the green Marketplace includes a host of environmentally responsible/healthy products and services, tying the sustainability movement to consumerism and the goods and services we consume every day.

Educational Workshops
Platform for experts, musicians, and creative organizations to present interesting and progressive workshops, panel discussions, and more!

Awakened Art Garden
Well-known visionaries and environmentally-themed artists are featured at this attraction. Additionally, murals utilizing recycled materials and displaying creative messaging around global and environmental issues will be set up at each event.

Activation Village
Local and national non-profits showcase their current campaigns and organizational literature through interactive presentations and displays.

Mobile Tea House and Lounge
Our Mobile Tea House and lounge will offer attendees the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable consumer food and drink options available. This delicious attraction is designed specifically for natural and organic food and beverage companies that desire a retail sampling and sales program to local markets.