Eco-Info Zone


Products and practices for your wellness.

The Eco-Info Zone, the last addition to SLR Conscious Market, showcases a library of books, films, magazines, environmental education curricula, grassroots informational, how-to ‘zines’, brochures and pamphlets that outline best practices and broaden exposure to a variety of progressive ideas and information. This attraction would be ideal for an information and education-oriented organization.

• Authors, critics, and publishers use this platform to speak about their books, host book signings, and more.

• This attraction develops a connection between the world of academia and sustainability and provides educational resources for individuals at home


The Ecology Center: Based out of Berekley, California for 40 years, the Ecology Center offers links, fact sheets, and DIY info for all of your environmental sustainablitity project and questions!

350.org: Looking for the tools to get involved in a global movment?  350.org has the scoop on global action.

Mountain Top Removal: Is your community effected by MTR?  Are you sure?  Check out I love Mountains to see your connetion to mountain top removal coal.

Facing Fracking? : Check out the Food and Water Watch for information about Hydrolic Fracturing and how to fight it.

The Non-GMO Project: Genetically Modified Foods are found in 80-90 percent of tradition American grocery products and they still aren’t labeled in the USA or Canada.  Learn where they are and how to avoid them!