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green recycling.

Growing up when I was first taught about “Going Green” I was told just the basics. How organizing a carpool to school could save on how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. Whenever we see the circular three Arrow bin “make sure you put your recyclables,” and so on. The basics were as far as my learning went. Paper, plastic, glass goes here, check! Now that I’m an adult, I’ve self-taught myself more about what “Going Green” truly means.

Being environmentally challenged is not something I want to be. If doing a few extra steps in my daily routine can help the environment and my wallet then why not? I’m sure we all take extra steps in our day without even realizing it i.e., searching endlessly for that remote control, even calling in family members into the living room as extra searching tools, when we could just walk up to the television and change the channel manually, but finding the remote feels “personal” like some sort of challenge given by the same trolls that steal one of each sock from the dryer. Back to point, if we’re willing to accept a challenge from the remote, sock stealer trolls, why not use the extra energy we have for that and use it towards benefiting the environment and again, our wallets.

My family and I partake in greenish ways, daily. Yes, we make sure we do the basics, but we take it further than that. When it comes to the purchases we make at home improvement stores and how we take care of our house goes along way in our extra steps we can make as a family. We make sure to purchase energy efficient appliances, windows, solar panels, etc. Some of these choices may seem costly upfront, but going against what the “Nay Sayers” protest against, they do save us money in the long run, while helping our planet.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to do your part and this article is not written to persuade you into my same mindset, you can just use the articles on our website to help guide you into money saving options, there are no hippy, picket signers marching over here, I catch myself accidently tossing a water bottle into my waste basket all the time knowing my recycle bin is outside my patio door. I do, however, love saving money, I’m betting a couple green bills you do, too! Happy reading.