Staff Bios

ZACHARY CARSONDirector/Co-Founder
Zach has been involved in the vision of SLR since its inception. He is currently responsible for integrating and directing the collective vision and extended network into the SLR community. Zach is also responsible for business development and meta-networking associated with the growth of SLR. Zach has a BS from the University of Vermont in Ecological Design, Sustainable Development and Environmental Education. Since 2005, Zach has been responsible for developing and producing regional, national and international tours for non-profits, bands and businesses that desire to leverage the platform of entertainment to promote social and environmental causes and expand brand awareness. Zach has also helped launch and consult on the development of several small businesses and non-profit organizations across the US. Zach gains much of his inspiration from our planets abundant natural treasures and works to constantly stay in tune with “natures operating instructions”, surrendering to the organic flow of ecological alchemy that affects us all.


JONATHAN YOUTTCo-Founder/Conscious Carnival/Warehouse & Fleet Manager/Creative Spirit
Jonathan co-founded Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2005 and has been active in manifesting this shared vision ever since. As the brainchild & Big Mouth Barker behind Conscious Carnival, he has helped create eco-games of chance, which engage participants with entertaining and fun activities while they learn about a variety of issues concerning the environment and sustainability. Another current edu-tainment project is the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew, which is a puppet troupe that creates and performs politically and environmentally conscious puppetry. Other projects that were co-founded and catalyzed by Jonathan include the Esperanza Sustainability Center, an educational center for urban agriculture, sustainable living strategies, and artistic expression; the Clean Fuel Caravan Coalition, a collective of clean fuel advocates sharing resources and information about renewable fuels; the Mission Village Market, a dynamic Art, Farm & Flea Market; and CELLspace, a collaborative arts center which provides a safe and supportive public environment for the exploration of art, education, performance, and community building.


DAVID SATORICo-Founder/Musician
David Satori co-founded the Clean Fuel Caravan and the Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2005 after touring his band The Funnies around the country in his bus running on straight vegetable oil. Always the active musician and activist, David continued to bring sustainability education to his next musical project Aphrodesia on biofuel powered tours through North America as well as a wild ride through Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. His latest musical endeavor, Beats Antique, continues the tradition of promoting sustainability on tour through their use of SLR’s ecobus as well as showcasing eco-info at their merchandise booth. As entertainment consultant, David continues to promote SLR to working musicians throughout his endeavors, as well as craft the dream team artist line up for the epic 2012 National Tour.



VERONICA RAMIREZ—Art Director/Graphic Designer/Mandala Ritual Artist
Veronica first came to SLR in the Fall of 2007 when as a Mandala Ritual Artist she created SLR’s first earth mandala for the Green Apple Music Festival in San Francisco — a project she calls: Earth Peace Mandala — It’s a circular community art project made up of natural elements. This also became SLR’s first piece in the Attraction: Awakened Art Garden. She launched her first mandala roadshow tour with SLR in 2008, creating 7 mandalas that year across the nation. Her prominent role as Graphic Design Director was simultaneously launched for pre-tour graphical needs. Some of her designs for this epoch tour included: Development of a campaign image to implement onto: Posters, postcards, banners, signage, magnets, pr promo materials, and more. Other projects for SLR includes: brochures, booklets, sponsor packets, proposals, decals, slides shows, video titles, Conscious Carnival logo, and much of the collateral materials and supporting game graphics needed for this dynamic SLR Attraction. Many other roles come up as needed: Photo Documentation, Conscious Carnival crafter, fabricator, and carny. On tour: Attractions setup team member, booths staff, product inventory, bus coordinator and organizer.


THOMAS “Clever” LLEWELLYN—Education Director/Production Manager
Thomas has been working with the Sustainable Living Roadshow since 2008 and wears many hats. Primarily handling event coordination and tour logistics, Tom also finds time to design and fabricate new carnival attractions, develop K-12 curriculum, act as a Lead Carny in the Conscious Carnival, and even drive the bus! He draws many skills from years of experience as the director of both the Canyon After School Program and Clever Scamp Summer Camp, as well as his personally designed BA from SFSU focused on natural health care practices and nonprofit administration.




BEN HARPER—Site Manager
Ben’s interest in design and building led him to Earthship Biotecture, where his understanding of the role of housing drastically changed. Rather than building houses that provide one human need, shelter, why not design them to encompas the other human needs as well, such as: energy, water and food. Building housing that can provide all of these basic needs is far more exciting of a plan and not to mention, sustainable. With this in mind, Ben embarked on dedicating his life toward bringing sustainable practices to the masses. Ben was introduced to Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2012. After a year of volunteering with SLR, building, creating, touring and doing 3-d computer production work, Ben became SLR’s Site Manager. When SLR is not on the road Ben commits his time to helping PLACE for Sustainable Living evolve into a sustainability hub in Oakland, CA.  Ben Harper’s favorite activities include being a superhero and eating burritos.


EMMA HUTCHENS- Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator

Emma joined forces with Sustainable Living Roadshow in 2010 as the volunteer coordinator for their summer festival tour. She focuses her passion into recruiting SLR’s amazing volunteers, helping them channel and develop their diverse abilities.Emma has been working as the Staffing and Outreach Coordinator of Sustainable Living Roadshow since 2010. This North Carolina native, began her work as an organizer in Asheville, NC, where she was a student of social change.  She worked there with various teams to establish a local Food Not Bombs Chapter, train young lobbyists, plant community gardens, and develop relationships between students and the local community.  Emma also studied non-violence and facilitation in Huehuecoyol, Mexico.  She loves teaching people to teach, traveling, eating with chop-sticks and making art out of trash.