“The solutions to the current crisis facing our planetary family lies in cultivating the wisdom from our past and combining that with the vision, creativity, and emerging technologies of today. Sustainable Living Roadshow is this plan come to life in a way that informs, inspires, and engages people where they are, joyfully activating them to become involved in the solutions instead of being overwhelmed by the problems.”
Julia Butterfly, Circle of Life

“SLR is the greatest happening culturally and for the planet since Woodstock!”
John Todd, Ocean Arcs International

“Sustainable Living Road Show will bring a cutting edge environmental message, combined with a new educational format, to students and the public across the country. SLR can eventually travel the globe bringing the vision of a sustainable world to many different countries. It shows the best of the American spirit and ingenuity, and we need more of that.”
Richard Lukens, United Earth Networks

“Sustainable Living Roadshow does what no other group does with such impact. By bringing the science of sustainability to cities and towns across the United States, SLR is planting the seeds of green thinking in young and and old minds alike.”
Kevin Danaher, Co-Producer, Global Exchange and Green Festivals