Tour History


Sustainable Living Roadshow has participated in over 200 events and tours around the world in our quest to provide people with ecological-themed education and entertainment while providing organizations and businesses with a platform to enhance their sustainability efforts. SLR has been incorporated as an attraction within major music festivals and tours, college campuses, political conventions, street fairs, K-12 schools and more. We have also been the sole-producer of our own series of events, festivals and fundraiser parties. The following is a sample of previous events and partners:

*Touring History*

2011 – SLR Spring CA Right2Know Tour
3/12/11 – Arbor Day, San Francisco, CA
3/30/11 – Common Vision, Berkeley, CA
4/16/11 – UC-Irvine Wayzgoose Festival, Irvine CA
4/17/11 – Go Green Expo, Los Angeles, CA
4/18/11 – Community Garden Legacy Project, Watts, CA
4/20/11 – Butte College Earth Day Festival, Chico, CA
4/22/11 – Earth Day, San Francisco, CA
4/25/11 – Birkenstock HQ, Novato, CA
4/29/11-5/1/11 – Green Festival, San Francisco, CA
5/7/11 – PLACE Grand Opening, Oakland, CA

2011 – SLR Summer Nat’l Right2Know Tour
6/10/11 – 6/12/11 – Harmony Music Festival, Sonoma, CA
7/29/11 – Tour Launch Party @ Cell Space, San Francisco, CA
8/4/11 – 8/7/11 – Outdoor Retailer, Salt Lake City, UT
8/12- 8/14//11 – Mid-West Reggae Fest, Nelson, OH
8/18/11 – 8/21/11 – 50th Philadelphia Folk Festival, Philadelphia, PA
8/26/11 – 8/27/11 – Music on the Mountain Top – Boone, NC

2011 – SLR Fall Nat’l Right2Know Tour
8/30/11 – 8/31/11 – Tar Sands Action – Washington, D.C.
9/4/11 – Conscious Carnival, Greenville, PA
9/6/11- Transition Town Horsham Meetup, Horsham, PA
9/7/11- Shale Gas Outrage and March, Philadelphia, PA
9/10/11 – Bicentennial Anniversary Kids and Family Day, Saugerties, NYC
9/17/11 – 9/18/11 — PA Renewable Energy and Sustainable Festival, Canton, PA
9/24/11 – 9/25/11 – Mother Earth News Fair, Seven Springs, PA
10/1/11 – 10/16/11 – Right2Know March – Brooklyn, NY to Washington, DC
10/19/11 – George Mason University, Washington, DC
10/21/11 – 10/23/11 Outdoor Circus, Roanoke, VA
11/4/11- University of North Carolina – Asheville, Asheville, NC
11/5 – 11/6/11 – NC Youth Energy and Sustainability Summit, Asheville, NC
11/11/11 – Thrive Austin Festival, Austin TX
11/13/11 – Renewable Republic – San Antonio, TX

2011 Right2Know March
10/5/11 – Big Bear Natural Foods Coop,
10/1/11 – 10/16/11 – Right2Know March
Brooklyn, NY to Washington, DC
Morrisville, PA
10/6/11 – Weavers Way Coop,
Full SLR R2K Events
10/1/11 – R2K Launch Rally – Prospect
Philadelphia, PA
10/9/11 – Newark Natural Foods Farmers
Park, Brooklyn, NY
10/8/11 – Skill Share Day, Tiberino
Market, Newark, DE
10/12/11 – MOM’s Organic Market,
Musuem, Philadelphia PA
10/13/11 – MICA Baltimore, MD
Timonium, MD
10/13/11 – OK Natural Foods, Baltimore,
10/16/11 – R2K on the Capital Mall –
Washington, DC
10/13/11 – OK Natural Foods, Baltimore, MD
SLR R2K Rally Event
10/2/11 – Health Food Coop, Newark, NJ
10/15/11 – Takoma Park Silversprings
10/3/11 – Autumn Harvest Health Food
Coop, Scotch Plains, NJ
Food Coop, Takoma Park, MD
10/4/11 – Whole Earth Center Coop,
Princeton, NJ

2010 – Festivals, Carnival Events, Shuttle Service, and Music Tours

Carnival Spring Tour:
3/26 – The Cascadian Carnival Cartel, San Francisco, CA
3/27 – SF Earth Hour, San Francisco, CA
4/3 – NBA Green Week, Chicago Bulls, Chicago, IL
4/7 – NBA Green Week, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis, IN
4/18 – Hunters Point Earth Day, San Francisco, CA

4/23 – Child Day School, San Francisco, CA
5/22 – Green On the Stream, Modesto, CA

Festival Summer/Fall Tour 2010:
6/11-6/13 Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA
7/9-7/11 Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY
9/11 Power to the Peaceful, San Francisco, CA
9/17-9/19 Earth Dance, Laytonville, CA
9/25-9/26 Sol Fest, Ukiah, CA
11/27 – Michael Franti Family Show, Denver, CO
Shuttle Service and Music Tours:(Eco Tour Bus, Bio Diesel Sourcing, Eco Info) :
Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Clean Up chevron Campaign
Maker Faire
Bay Area Green Tours
Global Sol – Official Phish After Party
BassNectar Winter Tour
Beats Antique Winter Tour
BassNectar Spring Tour
Beats Antique Fall Tour

2009 Tour Dates

San Diego State University Spring Fest, San Diego, CA – SLR Showcase
California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence, San Luis Obispo, CA
Coachella Music Festival VIP Party, Indio, CA – SLR Showcase
UC – Riverside GreenFest, Riverside, CA – SLR Showcase
Alternative Healing Festival, San Diego, CA – Conscious Carnival
UC Berkeley Spring Fest, Berkeley, CA – Conscious Carnival
Harvey Milk Day, San Francisco, CA – Conscious Carnival
Esperanza Community Garden Opening, San Francisco, CA – Co-Creators
Forecastle Festival, Louisville, KY – SLR Showcase
Bass Nectar Tour, 2 month US Tour – Eco-Coach Rental, biofuel location, eco-info
California Student Sustainability Coalition Annual Conference – Shuttle Bus, Panels
Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco, CA – Conscious Carnival
West Fest: 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, San Francisco, CA – SLR Showcase
Power to the Peaceful, San Francisco, CA – SLR Showcase

2008 Tour Dates

Green Apple Music Festival, San Francisco, CA — SLR Showcase
Lightning in a Bottle Festival – Santa Barbara, CA – Conscious Carnival
3 Ring Weekend @ Copper Mountain, CO – Conscious Carnival
Sustainable Living Roadshow National “Be the Change” Tour: August-November
o CELLspace Launch Party, SF, CA
o SF Victory Gardens, City Hall, SF, CA
o Democratic National Convention – Denver, CO
Green Frontier Fest, SLR Sustainability Street Fair
o Republican National Convention – Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Liberty Parade & Festival,
Ripple Effect Festival w/Micheal Franti, Dead Prez, AntiFlag, Zach de la Rocha
o White-Earth Reservation Indigenous Pow-Wow, MN
o University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL– 2 day SLR festival
o Tupac Shakur Foundation, Atlanta, GA
o University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN – 2 day SLR festival
o Martin Luther King Jr K-9 School, 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA
o Gretna Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA – 3 day festival
o Common Ground Volunteering, 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA
o 100 Acres Woods, Austin, TX – 2 day SLR camping festival
o California Student Sustainability Coalition Conference, SFSU, SF, CA

2007 Tour Dates

Underground Communication Tour w/BASSNectar & Zilla: Santa Cruz, CA – Seattle, WA -
Conscious Carnival and Eco-Info Zone
Earth Day SF @ McLaren Park — Conscious Puppetry Theater
Green Apple Music Festival, San Francisco, CA — SLR Showcase
HoWeird Street Faire, San Francisco, CA – Conscious Carnival & Eco-Info Zone
Whole Earth Festival – Davis, CA — partner with Common Vision for a renewable energy
showcase, Conscious Carnival, Eco-Info Zone and Conscious Puppetry
Village Building Convergence – Portland, OR
Harmony Festival – Santa Rosa, CA
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Boonville, CA – Conscious Carnival & Puppetry
SolFest, Hopland, CA
Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, NV
Power to the Peaceful Festival with Michael Franti & Spearhead, SF, CA
Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco, CA
Symbiosis Gathering – Northern California
Green Your Schools Conference, Marin, CA
Burning Man Decompression, San Francisco, CA
Bioneers, Marin, CA

2006 Tour Dates

Bonnaroo Festival — Planet Roo Organizers, Green Camp-ground organizers.
Clean Fuel Convergence Village, Harmony Festival, CA
Warped Tour in conjunction with Sustainable Waves, providing bio-diesel generator for
multiple city punk-rock festival tour
Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour: with CCC members Sustainable Solution Caravan and Betty
West African Tour, CFC members Aphrodesia and SLR toured Ghana, Togo, Benin and
Nigeria promoting bio-fuels and meeting government officials, farmers and environmentalists.

2005 Tour Dates

Vegoose Music Festival, Las Vegas, NV- Provided bio-fuel powered buses for Vau De Vire
Society, a SF based circus and vaudeville performance group.
Clean Fuel Convergence: SF, CA- Julia Butterfly Hill’s We the Planet bus launch, Clean Fuel
Bus and Car show, Speakers and Workshops in conjunction with Rainforest Action Network
and Post Carbon Institute.
Extra Action Marching Band on tour with David Byrne: from SF to LA’s Hollywood Bowl to
San Diego and back
Clean Fuel Caravan Cabaret, SF, CA- produced benefit event as part of World Environmental
World Environmental Day: SF,CA- in conjunction with Natural World Museum and Craigslist
Foundation- provided bio-fuel powered shuttle bus for opening night