• SLR is the largest biofuel powered caravan in the country!

• SLR has been a 100% volunteer organization for five years – We are fueled by passion, renewable energy, and determination to change the world.

• Since 2005, SLR and our partners have completed over 700,000 sustainable tour miles through the U.S., West Africa and Central America.

• SLR has worked with over 200 events and produced over 20 events of our own.

• SLR has worked with over 30 national conscious corporations, over 200 local green businesses, and over 1,000 non-profit organizations.

• All SLR events are off-the-grid and striving to become zero-waste events.

• While touring, SLR staff eats organic, vegetarian and locally-sourced food.

• Our touring season newsletters reach over 800,000 people weekly and are highlighted on the websites and newsletters of over 20 major corporations and non-profit campaigns.

• Through SLR strategic partnerships, we are able to capitalize on the networks and viewership of over 20 popular nationally renowned organizations.

• SLR is partnered with a national network of youth activist and campaigns throughout the country.